Analysis to build Brand Equity of Non Traditional Methods Red Bull

 Analysis of creating Brand Value of Not Traditional Ways Red Bull Essay


SITUATION ANALYSIS---------------------------------------------------------------------1-12 •Brand Background ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 •Company Evaluation-----------------------------------------------------------------------1-2 •Product Evaluation-------------------------------------------------------------------------2-4 •Consumer Evaluation----------------------------------------------------------------------4-6 •Competitive Evaluation--------------------------------------------------------------------6-8 •Marketing Environment Evaluation----------------------------------------------------8-10 •SWOT Analysis------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 •Research Questions--------------------------------------------------------------------------12 PRIMARY RESEARCH----------------------------------------------------------------------13-19 •Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------13 •Survey-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13-16 A. Overview------------------------------------------------------------------------13 B. Objectives-----------------------------------------------------------------------13 C. Task Details--------------------------------------------------------------13-14 Deb. Analysis---------------------------------------------------------------------14-16 •In Depth Interview-----------------------------------------------------------------------16-18 A. Overview------------------------------------------------------------------------16 B. Objectives-----------------------------------------------------------------------16 C. Job Details------------------------------------------------------------------16 Deb. Analysis---------------------------------------------------------------------17-18 •Summary----------------------------------------------------------------------------------18-19 •Conclusion--------------------------------------------------------------------------------19-20 WORKS CITED



This Crimson Bull study analysis is intended to develop a marketing strategy for the Red Bull Company. Reddish colored Bull is usually an separately owned Austrian based firm that makes energy beverages on a around the world scale. That they created the marketplace for energy drinks and so have invited fervid competition. However , they have set the bar high among the energy beverage industry and still leading the way. Reddish colored Bull includes a firm grasp on the energy drink market, controlling 70% of it, and is still paving just how for the future of energy drinks. Here i will discuss an overview from the Red Half truths Company as well as its competition in the current energy drink industry. BRAND HISTORY

Universalschlussel Mateshitz was traveling to Asia on business when he came upon a drink referred to as Krating Daeng, meaning " red bull” in Thailander. The distinctly flavored aided his aircraft lag by long outings (The Economist). Mateshitz, formerly a marketing movie director for the German toothpaste maker, Blendax, was a great Austrian businessman who acknowledged Krating Daeng's potential to certainly be a worldwide asset (The Economist). Over the following three years Mateshitz, along with Krating Daeng owner Chaleo Yoovidhya every invested €500, 000, the equivalent to $666, 450 U. S., and introduced the carbonated version of Crimson Bull towards the Austrian market (The Economist). Today the product is sold throughout the world and is has become commonplace in modern society. BUSINESS EVALUATION

Red Bull Gmbh (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftreibung, similar to an American LLC) is known as a private Austrian company founded in 1984 by Dietrich Mateschitz and Chaleo Yoovidhya and is based in Fuschi am See, Austria (Red Bull). With an annual operating revenue of €3. 8 billion along with a great 4. 204 billion containers sold worldwide in 2010, Crimson Bull dominates the energy drink...

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