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Procedure and Research of 3 Phase Half Controlled Converter Version two EE IIT, Kharagpur two

Instructional Aims

On conclusion the student should be able to • • • • • • Draw the circuit diagram and waveforms of different variables associated with a 3 phase 50 percent controlled convsersion app. Identify the constructional and operational difference between a 3 phase completely controlled and half manipulated converter. Estimate the average and RMS worth of the outcome dc volts. Calculate the displacement component, distortion factor and electricity factor with the input air conditioning unit line current. Calculate the Fourier series components of the output voltage and input current waveforms. Derive the shut form manifestation for outcome dc current and hence discover continuous or discontinuous conduction mode from the converter.

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18. 1 Introduction

Three period fully controlled converters are incredibly popular in lots of industrial applications particularly in situations where electric power regeneration from the dc aspect is essential. It might handle reasonably high electric power and features acceptable input and output harmonic contortion. The setup also lends itself to easy series and parallel connection intended for increasing ac electricity and current rating or improvement in harmonic tendencies. However , this versatility of any three period fully manipulated converters are obtained in the cost of increased circuit intricacy due to the make use of six thyristors and their linked control signal. This complexity can be substantially reduced in applications wherever power regeneration is not required. In that case 3 thyristors of the top group or the underlying part group of a three phase fully controlled convsersion app can be replaced by 3 diodes. The resulting converter is called a three phase 50 percent controlled convsersion app. Replacing three thyristors by three diodes reduces outlet complexity although at the same time stops negative ac electricity appearing in the output without notice. Therefore the ripping tools cannot function in the inverting mode. Three phase 50 percent controlled ripping tools has a number of other advantages over the three phase fully manipulated converter. For the same firing viewpoint it has decrease input side displacement factor compared to a completely controlled ripping tools. It also expands the range of continuous conduction of the ripping tools. It has a single serious downside however. The output voltage is definitely periodic above one third in the input circuit rather than a single sixth as is the case with fully managed converters. This implies both output and input harmonics will be of lower frequency and require heavy filtering. Because of this half controlled three phase converters are certainly not as popular as their completely controlled comparable version. Although, as seen by of construction and routine complexity the half managed converter now is easier compared to the fully controlled converter, its evaluation is significantly more difficult. Through this lesson the operating principle and evaluation of a three phase 50 percent controlled converter operating in the continuous conduction mode will be presented.

18. 2 Functioning principle of three stage half manipulated converter Fig. 14. 1(a) shows the circuit plan of 3 phase half controlled converter supplying an R-LE insert. In the constant conduction method only one thyristor from top rated group in support of one diode from the bottom group conduct at a time. However , as opposed to fully managed converter right here both equipment from the same phase calf can execute at the same time. Consequently, there are eight conducting settings as displayed in Fig. 14. 1(b).

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Now consider the executing and preventing state of D2. In the blocking condition the volts across D2 is either vac or vbc. Hence, D2 can obstruct only when these types of voltages will be negative. Choosing vbc since the reference phasor (i. e., versus bc sama dengan 2VL sinωt ) D2 will prevent during 2π/3 ≤ ωt ≤ 2π and will perform in the interval 0 ≤ ωt ≤ 2π/3....

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